Subqueries in the From & Select Clause

What They Are Used For

  • When using subqueries in the WHERE clause, the subquery generates a set of elements that will be used in a comparison.

  • When using subqueries in the FROM clause, the subquery generates a new table that will be used for the rest of the query.

  • When using subqueries in the SELECT clause, the subquery produces a sub-select expression that returns a single value.

Using a Subquery in the From Clause

Lets create a query that scales all the movie ratings depending on which year they were produced. For example, a movie produced in 2012 with a rating of 4 would be higher ranked than a movie produced in 1990 with a rating of 4. Lets assume that throughout the years in the movie industry, the CGI and film effects get better, thus producing a better movie. This technology wouldn't be available in the previous years, so older movie's ratings won't hold the same value as present day movies.

Our query would look like this:

FROM (SELECT M.mID, Title, Year, Rating, Rating*(Year/1000.0) as scaledRating
    FROM Movie M, Review
    WHERE M.mID = Review.mID) sR
WHERE abs(sR.scaledRating) > 8;

This query is saying that it will SELECT all attributes FROM a table produced by a subquery. This subquery is going to produced a table that has the mID, Title, Year, Rating, then a scaled rating with a column name as scaledRating. The results of this subquery has the table variable name of sR. Then in the main query, we only want to output the movies where the absolute value (abs()) of the scaledRating is greater than 8.

We would then get output the following movies: Titanic, and Gravity.

Using Subqueries in the Select Clause

Lets create a query that lists all the users and pairs them with the highest rating that they have given.

The query would look like so:

 FROM User, Review
 WHERE User.uID = Review.uID
    and Rating >= ALL
        (SELECT Rating
         FROM User, Review
         WHERE User.uID = Review.uID)) as hRating
FROM User;

This query says that we are going to find uID and that user's Name from the User table, and then it runs a subquery. The subquery looks for a Rating inside the table Review. We make sure to join the uID from the User table to the uID in the Review table. We then choose the largest Rating among ALL the Ratings that are associated with that user. Lastly, we give the subquery result's a variable name, which takes the name of hRating, which stands for 'highest rating'.

In other words, we would get a resutling table with each user's uID and Name. Then, it would have a column labeled hRating which has the highest rating that each individual user has ever done.

Our query would ouput these results:





James Dean



Chris Anderson



Ashley Burley



Ralph Truman



Gordon Maximus



Sarah Rodgriguez



Darrel Sherman



Lisa Jackson


Important Note on Subqueries in the Select Clause

When implenting a subquery in the SELECT clause, it is crucial that the subquery only returns exactly one value, because the result of that subquery is being used to only fill in one cell of the parent query.

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